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In this section you will find exciting news and interesting articles about SUB – Sozialer Umbruch Cottbus. Find out more about our current projects, initiatives and events that are driving our city of Cottbus forward. Immerse yourself in the world of political engagement and discover how we can shape a vibrant and diverse future for our city together. Join us on this journey and feel free to contribute your ideas.

SUB @ Cake for all

SUB @ Cake for all

On June 2, we will come together for a democratic Brandenburg based on solidarity.   Bake a cake and come from all directions*, from near and far to the Cottbus city center. Join us at the longest coffee table in Lusatia and be part of the best coffee party...

SUB at the Citizens’ Forum

SUB at the Citizens’ Forum

The Citizens' Forum offers the citizens of Cottbus the opportunity to put their questions and comments to the respective parties. Nadeem Manjouneh will represent the SUB at this event.   The Citizens' Forum will take place on Thursday, May 30 at 7:00 pm in...

Election campaign kick-off

Election campaign kick-off

The election campaign is in full swing and the SUB list association in Cottbus has made its start. At the 1st solidarity party at Quasimono, we celebrated together with committed citizens and campaigned for strong and sustainable policies.   We discussed our...

SUB Brunch

SUB Brunch

Breakfast for everyone! Experience a cozy get-together and support us with voluntary donations, or you are welcome to bring something yourself. On March 10, you will have the opportunity to get to know our committed candidates and exchange views on politics...

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Working together for citizen-oriented politics in Cottbus

The truth is, election campaigns are expensive. We really want to achieve something in this city and we need support to do so. Our donation jars can be found in the Quasimono, the Muggefug, the Fango and many other places. Your generous support enables us to shape our city together and put the concerns of all citizens first. Every contribution counts towards creating a vibrant and diverse future for Cottbus. Get involved and help us to implement citizen-oriented policies. Together, we can build a strong community and shape a city that belongs to everyone.

Für alle Bürger

Za wšyknych wobydlarjow

For all citizens

Wir sind für Sie da

Smy za Was how

We are here for you

Wir laden Sie ein, sich aktiv an diesem Gestaltungsprozess zu beteiligen und Ideen für die weitere Entwicklung unserer Stadt einzubringen. Sprechen Sie uns an, wenn Sie Fragen haben oder sich einbringen möchten. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Teilnahme und darauf, gemeinsam eine positive Zukunft für unsere Stadt zu gestalten.

Pśepšosujomy Was, se aktiwnje na toś tom wugótowańskem procesu wobźěliś a mysli za dalšne wuwiśe našogo města zapśěgnuś. Wobrośćo se na nas, gaž pšašanja maśo abo cośo zapśimjeś. Wjaselimy se na Wašo wobźělenje a na to, zgromadnje pozitiwny pśichod za našo město wugótowaś.

We invite you to actively participate in this design process and contribute ideas for the further development of our city. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to get involved. We look forward to your participation and to shaping a positive future for our city together.