Successes and failures

We have already achieved all of this

SUB has already been represented in the Cottbus city parliament for two legislative periods. Here you will find an overview of our successes. But we also make our failed motions transparent. After all, who is perfect? We may not have superhero powers, but we are passionate about fighting for our city. From family support to sustainability, integration and digitalization – we have our eye on many issues. And yes, we also have our quirks, but we stand up for honest politics. With your support, we can achieve even more!

Abolition of entertainment tax for dance events, erotic fairs, table dancing and whatnot…..

With the support of the administration, our idea of making the slot machine mafia pay the bill was accepted with favor. In principle, we implemented a tax increase by radically changing the statutes and relieved the burden on the cultural sector.
Result: €20,000 more for the city’s coffers + abolition of the culture tax!

We bring light into the darkness

Residents complained that it was difficult to see anything at night at the “Platz an der Sonnenuhr”. For many it was unpleasant to walk past there late at night. As the square was considered a park, the town was not obliged to comply with the request. With insistence from the Bürgerverein Stadt-Mitte and a request from the SUB to the STVV, it was granted in the end. Only one person complained: “He could no longer smoke weed there in peace”.

Reduction in the voluntary benefit for students’ primary residence model

The incentive to re-register should be reduced. The annual €150 premium should be reduced to €100. If we had allowed this to go through, it would have been a matter of time before the statute was abolished. Potential savings for the city would be €62,000 per year (with the €50 reduction). We could not prevent the reduction, but we could change its weighting. Proposal from SUB:
Increase the annual premium to €200 with a time limit of three years after application. Savings of 62T€/a with increased attractiveness. I had to deal with 2 parliaments and almost went mad. StuRa did an excellent job. StuPa was a drag.

Bild Von Sane – Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 3.0

Application for video transmission of specialist committees

Basic idea:
The discussion process and decision-making of all political bodies usually takes place in the subcommittee meetings. Presentations, information and questions from the “authorized speakers” during the subcommittees are essential moments in the decision-making process of many politicians. Why should this not also be comprehensible for Cottbus citizens?
The first motion was initially rejected due to an equal number of votes. Thanks to the video transmission, it turned out that the presidium’s vote count was incorrect. Despite all this, a vote had to be taken again a month later. The motion was approved but at the same time the legal situation was clarified. Transmission is only permitted with the unanimous approval of the committee. ALWAYS!

Approval and support of balcony power plants by GWC for existing and new buildings

In times of the energy transition, Cottbus citizens who do not own a condominium or other real estate should be able to participate in it. There is also the social aspect of being able to counteract rising energy prices. Systems of this type pay for themselves within 3 years without the support of any subsidies. Ecology and economy have rarely been so close together.
For the benefit of the environment and the financial relief of the residents, the GWC should
the residents, GWC should make it possible for every tenant to connect balcony power plants. To this end, GWC should implement the following measures.
1. equipping the balconies with a weatherproof and suitable socket for old and new buildings
New construction at the request of the tenant for the installation of a solar balcony power plant.
2. authorization and approval of the installation of a balcony power plant by GWC at the
request of the tenant in accordance with existing building regulations
3. contact persons are to be established at GWC to assist with the application process.
4. the city of Cottbus should inform citizens about subsidies.
Unfortunately rejected, also by the LINKE


Freifunk Cottbus

Unfortunately, the cooperation with the city came to nothing.
After 5 meetings and 5 years of excuses, the city of Cottbus made the decision to develop the free WLAN without Freifunk. Meetings without Freifunk have already taken place. There was even a ban on cooperation between public institutions and Freifunk. Shit!

Hotel tax

Since 2009 there has been a reduction in VAT from 19% to 7%. According to the Brandenburg tax distribution, 2.2% of this VAT belongs to the municipality. I could not see that we were indirectly subsidizing the hotel sector. A budget can also be consolidated with revenue.
Implementation: A request was made for a review. Various existing models in Berlin-Brandenburg were compared, evaluated and examined. The revenue for the city would have been approx. 300T€ per year, with an upward trend. Unfortunately, we found hardly any supporters from the political groups. The only interested group was the SPD. The application for introduction was postponed until further notice. A constitutional complaint by DEHOGA was still pending. The motion never came up again.

Citizen ticket

After three years of discussions with Cottbus Verkehr, there was movement on the topic of ticketless public transport. A feasibility study was presented on January 1, 2018, based on a bachelor’s thesis from BTU Cottbus. SUB and Cottbus Verkehr provided the specifications for this work.
– Citizen transport levy from 18 to 67 years (the rest travel free of charge).
– No complete cost recovery by the citizen is planned.
– Only lost ticket sales and half of the 2016 municipal subsidy (approx. 3.5 million) are expected to be borne by citizens.
Result of the study: around 67T people would be obliged to pay €19.90 per month. The price would be significantly lower than the Hartz IV flat rate for mobility
Unfortunately, the formal application for a legal review was in danger of failing, so that the AUB/SUB parliamentary group was threatened with defeat. The mayor saved the situation by noting that the review was already being carried out by the Berlin Brandenburg Transport Association (VBB). (VBB). The motion was, as so often, postponed in the legislature. It was never taken up again.

Support us

Working together for citizen-oriented politics in Cottbus

The truth is, election campaigns are expensive. We really want to achieve something in this city and we need support to do so. Our donation jars can be found in the Quasimono, the Muggefug, the Fango and many other places. Your generous support enables us to shape our city together and put the concerns of all citizens first. Every contribution counts towards creating a vibrant and diverse future for Cottbus. Get involved and help us to implement citizen-oriented policies. Together, we can build a strong community and shape a city that belongs to everyone.

Für alle Bürger

Za wšyknych wobydlarjow

For all citizens

Wir sind für Sie da

Smy za Was how

We are here for you

Wir laden Sie ein, sich aktiv an diesem Gestaltungsprozess zu beteiligen und Ideen für die weitere Entwicklung unserer Stadt einzubringen. Sprechen Sie uns an, wenn Sie Fragen haben oder sich einbringen möchten. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Teilnahme und darauf, gemeinsam eine positive Zukunft für unsere Stadt zu gestalten.

Pśepšosujomy Was, se aktiwnje na toś tom wugótowańskem procesu wobźěliś a mysli za dalšne wuwiśe našogo města zapśěgnuś. Wobrośćo se na nas, gaž pšašanja maśo abo cośo zapśimjeś. Wjaselimy se na Wašo wobźělenje a na to, zgromadnje pozitiwny pśichod za našo město wugótowaś.

We invite you to actively participate in this design process and contribute ideas for the further development of our city. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to get involved. We look forward to your participation and to shaping a positive future for our city together.