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Public transport – Park&Ride

The city has a problem with congested roads at peak times. According to the Commuter Atlas[1], there are around 61,000 commuters in Cottbus. They all have the choice between cycling, driving or using public transport. On weekdays alone, 23,400 people commute into the city from the surrounding area. Some of the public transport connections are miserable. For car drivers, there is neither a parking guidance system nor sufficient P+R parking spaces in the city area. There are currently four designated P+R spaces in the Cottbusverkehr GmbH network map, two in the south of the city: Saarbrücker Straße and Madlow, one at Sandower Bahnhof and one at the main railway station. The parking situation at the latter is completely inadequate. There has already been clear criticism of this from the Verkehrsclub Deutschland [2]. At Merzdorf station, where trains depart for Peitz, Guben and Frankfurt, there are no parking spaces at all, not even when coming into the city from the north or west.

23,400 inbound commuters and 12,800 outbound commuters, plus almost 25,000 internal commuters.


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