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Cannabis model city Cottbus.
We are so free.

Decades of cannabis prohibition have not led to the desired results.

It has not succeeded in curbing the black market or minimizing the risks for users, especially children and adolescents. Against this background, the Cannabis Act is a first step towards strengthening not only health protection, but also the protection of children and young people. The removal of cannabis from the Narcotics Act forms the basis for the establishment of quality standards, traceable production and distribution as well as education and prevention. In the long term, only this will enable an active fight against the illegal market.

The government’s proposal regulates the first pillar of the planned two-pillar model of cannabis liberalization and is intended to allow the private and communal cultivation of cannabis in associations founded for this purpose, the so-called “Cannabis Social Clubs”.

With the “2nd pillar”, commercial distribution to the general public will also be tested in selected model cities and the impact of these commercial cannabis supply chains on health and youth protection as well as the black market will be scientifically monitored, examined and evaluated

The pilot project represents an opportunity for the city of Cottbus to be a pioneer and actively shape the cannabis policy of the future. SUB’s proposal would be to restrict the sale of cannabis in the licensed model stores to adult residents of the model city of Cottbus. This would prevent the risk of “cannabis tourism”.

A permanent suppression of the black market is only possible with stakeholders from the economy.

Contact person for this topic:

Robert Amat Kreft

Für alle Bürger

Za wšyknych wobydlarjow

For all citizens

Wir sind für Sie da

Smy za Was how

We are here for you

Wir laden Sie ein, sich aktiv an diesem Gestaltungsprozess zu beteiligen und Ideen für die weitere Entwicklung unserer Stadt einzubringen. Sprechen Sie uns an, wenn Sie Fragen haben oder sich einbringen möchten. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Teilnahme und darauf, gemeinsam eine positive Zukunft für unsere Stadt zu gestalten.

Pśepšosujomy Was, se aktiwnje na toś tom wugótowańskem procesu wobźěliś a mysli za dalšne wuwiśe našogo města zapśěgnuś. Wobrośćo se na nas, gaž pšašanja maśo abo cośo zapśimjeś. Wjaselimy se na Wašo wobźělenje a na to, zgromadnje pozitiwny pśichod za našo město wugótowaś.

We invite you to actively participate in this design process and contribute ideas for the further development of our city. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to get involved. We look forward to your participation and to shaping a positive future for our city together.