Introduction of the minimum points quota – Cottbus as a model project

Ludwig Domrös

Name: Ludwig Domrös

Age: 32

What do I stand for?

  • Social justice
  • Promoting culture, supporting and realising creative and sustainable ideas in the city
  • Humanity & combating discriminatory conditions
  • the minimum point quota in German city centres

My priorities / visions:

  • the expansion and strengthening of Cottbus’ (sub-)cultural life

  • Greater involvement of students in urban contexts

  • Promoting and demanding cosmopolitanism and diversity

  • Introduction of the minimum point quota in German city centres – Cottbus as a model project

Commitment to date:

  • Membership and involvement in various cultural associations (Muggefug, Chekov, Strombad)

  • Development and board member of the “Clubkommission Cottbus”

  • Many years of experience in voluntary events (e.g. Stuss am Fluss festival, Erntepunkfest etc.)

  • Musician (singer-songwriter and guitarist) & DJ (vinyl record entertainer)

  • diverse left-orientated this and that

Concrete project:

I am currently part of the KEB (Municipal Development Advisory Board) working on a proposal for dealing with the brownfield site in the Stadtpromenade. In this context, I am committed to emphasising the importance of the cultural use of this area, which is so important for Cottbus. I also support the progressive development of the city into a place that recognises how important a vital music, art and general cultural life is in order to remain an attractive place to live. This is the key to keeping young people in Cottbus, breaking down prejudices and resentment in society and moving the city forward.

Professional experience:

  • Event manager
  • Bar specialist

Constituency 2: Mitte, Ströbitz

Fotos: @Unicore Photography & Louie Motion c-Jonesen Jones

How to reach me personally

I am here for you

Do you have any questions or would you like to talk to me personally about politics in Cottbus? I will be happy to get in touch with you. Contact me via the following e-mail address and I will get back to you shortly.